You Haven't Lived Until You've Hugged a Turkey

"My name is Morgana. I am someone. My name is Maeve. My life matters to me."

"The most important thing you should know about us is that we have feelings."

"Your 'turkey meal' costs me my life. Do you really think that I don't mind?"

"You Haven't Lived Until You've Hugged a Turkey" is a new film (20 min) created by Sandra Higgins, Director of Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary & Matilda's Promise Vegan Education Centre in Ireland. Sandra was one of our online course students, and she has been working to inspire compassion and positive action toward animals in Ireland through humane education. This film is one of the first projects from her new Vegan Education Centre.

In the film, which primarily pairs still photos with captions and quotes, turkeys from the sanctuary tell their story, interspersed with statements and information from scientists, activists, and academics. Unlike with some other films, there is no graphic footage to shock and traumatize; just the turkeys sharing their lives and speaking out for their right to live free from suffering and exploitation.

Sandra says:

"We often see the non-human animals we oppress referred to as ‘The Voiceless.’ I do not believe they are voiceless. They have voices and they use them, constantly. It is no reflection on them that we do not understand their language. But we share a common body language and a language of emotion through which they have a lot to tell us if we listen. In the movie ... they use this common language to give an account of who they are. They are not voiceless; listen to them and they will speak to you of justice and of love."

~ Marsha

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