Humane Issues in the News

Each week we round-up the news you need to know about humane issues, from human rights and environmental preservation, to animal protection, to media and culture, to activism, education, and changemaking.

"Your smartphone's dirty, radioactive secret" (via Mother Jones) (November/December 2012)

Study says except for black males, education extends life expectancy (via Alternet) (11/26/12)

Study indicates potential link between traffic pollution exposure and autism (via Treehugger) (11/26/12)

"The shocking details of a Mississippi school-to-prison pipeline" (via Colorlines) (11/26/12)

13-year-old from Sierra Leone makes generators, batteries, etc., out of scrap (via Grist) (11/26/12)

112 killed in fire at Bangladesh garment factory (via AP/Yahoo!) (11/24/12)

Study reports great apes also experience "mid-life crisis" (via LA Times) (11/19/12)

"More than 1,000 new coal plants planned worldwide, figures show" (via The Guardian) (11/19/12)

"The past and future of America's biggest retailers" (via NPR) (11/19/12)

Study with minks shows that captive animals get very bored (via PLOS One) (11/12)

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