Zoe Weil on Video: The MOGO Principle and Humane Education

College of the Atlantic, in Bar Harbor, Maine, has hosted Zoe Weil twice during 2009 and 2010, and we wanted to share these inspiring talks with you. If you have an interest in having Zoe speak in your community, please contact us.

Most Good, Least Harm
(72 min.)
In this talk hosted by Summer Programs at COA on July 31, 2009, Zoe spoke about the 7 Keys to the MOGO (most good) Principle, which can help motivate you to make your own life an expression of your deepest values. The MOGO Principle is a philosophy and path that can create a better world and more joyful, healthy, and engaged lives. Watch here.

"When we do the most good and the least harm in our daily choices, acts of citizenship, community, work, and volunteerism, we create a life of inner peace while contributing to the building of a peaceful, sustainable world for all." ~ Zoe Weil

The World Becomes What You Teach (26 min.)
In this talk conducted during the Earth Day celebration at COA on April 17, 2010, Zoe explores education in the context of pressing global challenges we face and discusses activities and approaches in teaching that foster reverence, respect and responsibility as well as creative problem solving for a better world. Watch here.

"If we're serious about preparing young people for their future, educators and schools everywhere must provide students with the knowledge, tools, and motivation required to create healthy, peaceful, and sustainable lives for themselves, other people, all species and the planet." ~ Zoe Weil

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