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Each week we post links to news about humane education & humane living, and items connected to humane issues, from human rights to environmental preservation, to animal protection, to media, consumerism and culture.

"Was 'failing' New York school failed by the system?" (via AOL News) (6/22/10)

"Racism in Indian education" (via Native American Times) (6/21/10)

Cartoon characters influence kids' food choices (via USA Today) (6/20/10)

Louisiana environmental scientist helps people, communities battle impacts from oil, gas industries (via The Guardian) (6/20/10)

"Nations divided over lifting ban on whale hunt" (via AP) (6/20/10)

"Iraq's slumdog massacre: one million dogs face death" (via Mother Jones) (6/18/10)

U.S. increases enforcement against farmers hiring children & underpaying workers (via NY Times) (6/18/10)

UK government offers parents, groups chance to apply to start up their own "free" schools (via The Independent) (6/18/10)

Flower farms may be harming wildlife, ecosystem at Kenya's Lake Naivasha (via Treehugger) (6/17/10)

U.S. government to spend $1.2 billion on "cycling and walking initiatives" (via The Telegraph) (6/16/10)

U.S. wastes large amount of food (commentary) (via Washington Post) (6/15/10)

"Life after worry" (via YES! Magazine) (6/15/10)

How a woman is dressed shouldn't determine how she's treated (commentary) (via CS Monitor) (6/15/10)

Food prices to rise by up to 40% over coming decade (via The Guardian) (6/15/10)

USDA proposed 2010 dietary guidelines call for more plant-based focus (via USA Today) (6/15/10)

"Oil spill: here's what you can do to help" (via BoingBoing) (6/15/10)

Study shows teens are bored in school (via Education Week/Daily Me) (6/15/10)

Ugandan schools adding animal welfare education to curriculum (via (6/15/10)

Report revels more than 1 in 5 kids "live in poverty" (via USA Today) (6/8/10)

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