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Each week we post links to news about relevant humane education issues, ways that people all over the world are manifesting humane education, and items that provide excellent material for discussing humane issues, from human rights to environmental preservation, to animal protection, to media and culture.

Monsanto doing all it can to “milk” profits - Vanity Fair (5/08)
A feature on Monsanto and its search to maximize profits and corner the market, first on GMOs and now on milk.

How biased are you? - Scientific American (5/08)
Reports on research about the prevalence of unconscious stereotypes and beliefs that many people hold about other groups.

Racial injustice continues in “war on drugs” - New York Times (5/5/08)
Two recent reports reveal that blacks continue to be targeted much more than whites in drug arrests and convictions.

Are stereotypes just part of the game? - (5/5/08)
Reports on the controversy over stereotypes of women and people of color in video games.

Climate change big factor in food production - Reuters (5/4/08)
Reports on some of the challenges farmers face in feeding the world while battling the impacts of global climate change.

Horse racing not such a winnerNew York Times (5/4/08)
An editorial about the cruelties of horse racing.

China rescues children from slave labor factories - New York Times (5/1/08)
Reports that China is investigating incidents of children being kidnapped or sold and used for cheap or slave labor.

A leg up on life - New York Times (5/1/08)
Reports on Albie the goat, who escaped from a slaughterhouse and now has a prosthetic leg – and on the animal advocate who cares for him.

Students meet challenge to help “change” the world - The Huron Reporter (4/30/08)
Reports on the efforts of students at St. James School in raising money to help build schools for poor students around the world as part of their “Change the World Challenge.”

A peak by any other name
USA Today (4/29/08)
Reports on pressure by some Native Americans to change the names of any geographic places that include the word “squaw,” which many find offensive.

Interview with a Greensburg green supporter (4/29/08)
Interviews high schooler Taylor Schmitt, who talks about how his little town, Greensburg, Kansas, is rebuilding itself green – and the whole community is involved.

Pew report calls for changes in animal agriculture - Environment News Service (4/29/08)
A new report by the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production calls for major changes in animal agriculture.

Alaska teens taking on environmental challenges - Tuskaloosa (4/29/08)
Profiles Alaska Youth for Environmental Action, a teen-led group whose mission is "to educate, inspire, and take action on environmental issues facing our communities," and who is having a significant impact.

Are you infected with biobigotry? - New York Times (4/29/08)
Discusses “biobigotry,” “the persistent and often irrational desire to be surrounded only by those species of which one approves, and to exclude any animals, plants and other life forms that one finds offensive.”

Youth in Zambia creating solutions to environmental challenges - All (4/28/08)
Profiles the work of Chilanga Youth Awake (CYA), a group which is working to raise public awareness about environmental issues and to develop positive solutions for the people of Zambia and its natural world.

Blacks in Chicago get more amputations than whites, says (4/28/08)
A recent study reported yet another example of racial disparity in U.S. health care – more African Americans in the Chicago area are subjected to limb amputations than are whites.

How much is that kiwi in the window? - New York Times (4/26/08)
A look at the environmental impact of shipping food around the world.

School’s cafeteria rates a big Zero - Noozhawk (4/25/08)
Reports on Harding School in Santa Barbara County, California (U.S.), which has become a zero-waste cafeteria, one of the first in the country.

Cut costs, reduce global warming: eat less meatReuters (4/24/08)
Reports from several sources that eating less meat can help reduce the impact of global warming and help people’s pocketbooks.

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