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Each week we post links to news about relevant humane education issues, ways that people all over the world are manifesting humane education, and items that provide excellent material for discussing humane issues, from human rights to environmental preservation, to animal protection, to media and culture.

Nuclear Energy: Friend or Foe? - Plenty (5/08)
Gives a brief overview of the pros and cons of nuclear energy.

Overcoming rage and revenge to promote peace - Ode Magazine (5/08)
Profiles the stories of three people who have endured great hardship and tragedy, and have turned their loss into working for peace.

Choosy moms choose fruits and vegetables from farmers marketsPlenty (5/08)
A new study recently published in the American Journal of Public Health reports that low-income families who are given the opportunity to buy fresh produce from farmers markets, prefer to spend money on fresh fruits and vegetables, rather than more processed foods.

“Envirogees” predicted to rise significantly
Alternet (5/27/08)
“The rise of environmental disasters from climate change and destruction of ecosystems will create a surge of refugees across the planet.”

More colleges competing for “greenest”New York Times (5/26/08)
Profiles the sustainability efforts of colleges such as Oberlin College in Ohio (U.S.), where students are working to reduce the campus’s – and their own – carbon footprints.

A slave by any other name? - Green Left (AU) (5/24/08)
Examines the experiences of “guest workers” in countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, and the call for “guest worker” programs in other countries, such as the U.S.

Save the language, save the cultureChristian Science Monitor (5/23/08)
Efforts to teach young people their native language are increasing in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, as about 40 indigenous languages are in danger of disappearing.

It’s a dam shame - Independent (UK) (5/23/08)
An alliance of indigenous leaders gathered in Altamira, Brazil, recently to try to stop plans for the construction of a hydroelectric dam. The dam would displace thousands of people and destroy their way of life.

One (hundred thousand) Tin Soldier(s)Common (5/21/08)
The Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers recently released a report stating that, although awareness about the issue of child soldiers has been raised, and efforts to stop the practice have increased, little has changed for the estimated 250,000 child soldiers worldwide.

Reading, writing and doing my floors - Carib World News (5/21/08)
A Miami, Florida, (U.S.) school teacher was sentenced to jail for enslaving a teenage Haitian girl.

Little girls gone wild” - (5/20/08)
Interviews Gigi Durham, author of the new book The Lolita Effect: The Media Sexualization of Young Girls and What We Can Do About It. The interview focuses on the sexualization of young girls through media marketing and product creation.
(Thanks Corporate Babysitter for the heads up.)

Kentuckians blowing their tops over mountaintop removal operationsIndependent (UK) (5/20/08)
Reports on the impact the mountaintop removal coal mining is having in Kentucky and in the Appalachian mountains.

Portland, Oregon students to get new history lessonKGW (5/18/08)
The Portland, Oregon, (U.S.) public school district has decided to adopt a new textbook that will help students “see history in a different way,” including discussing some of Oregon’s early racist laws.
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