Humane Toolbox: New Activity on Marketing, Branding & Globalization

We're surrounded by marketing and advertising that tells us what to buy, who to be, what we need to be happy. Finding our way to thinking critically about ads and marketing, challenging the way we've been branded, and considering the larger impacts of our choices is essential in today's world. We have a new humane education activity -- We Have You Surrounded -- with a series of activities to help students (grades 9-12) explore issues of branding, marketing and globalization.

Done as a whole, the lesson plan could take several weeks. Some of the individual activities could be used on their own.

Sample activities within We Have You Surrounded include students:
  • “Testing” their ability to identify corporate logos and images versus those of “social justice” groups.
  • Cataloging all the products/brands they encounter during a portion of their day.
  • Discussing the impact of being surrounded by certain types of messages while other types are sparingly present.
  • Researching a chosen product to assess its life cycle and impact on people, animals and the planet, from beginning to end.
  • Exploring the business practices of corporations and developing a guideline defining good corporate citizenship.
  • Exploring the impact of economic globalization on others.
  • Role playing a scenario that involves a multinational corporation’s activities in another country and brainstorming solutions that benefit all and harm none.
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