Happy New Year! Make a Positive Difference

One of the students in our Master of Education program sent a group email on New Year’s Eve. In it she implored her “beautiful friends” to “start with switching off the light, talking more to your neighbors, loving deeper your partner, creating less suffering to animals in farms and circus chains, making organic dinners for your friends, volunteering for an hour a week for local kids....” She went on to say, “there is so much joy one can create in the world.” Her message was so heartfelt, so impassioned, so direct, yet I doubt any among her recipients felt defensive. This is what we need to tell our friends, our children, our students, our neighbors, and ourselves.

If you want to lose weight this year, do so. If you want to start exercising, great. If you want to stop smoking, wonderful. But please, in 2008 make a positive difference in the world, too.

~ Zoe, IHE President
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