Blogroll: "Sociological Images" as a Tool for Humane Education

When exploring issues related to human rights, the environment, animal protection, and culture, images can be a powerful tool -- the whole "a picture paints a thousand words" concept.

Today I happened upon a blog that posts images "to use in sociology (and related) classes." Recent posts on Sociological Images: Seeing is Believing focus on topics such as "feminizing toughness," sexism in politics, pro-gun PSAs, and even posters "opposed to the criminalization of prostitution." As this latter example indicates, not all images are appropriate for all ages!

Sometimes, the blog's authors include a bit of commentary or suggestion for analysis, such as a recent post about "consumption as activism."

Contents include ads, posters, video clips, examples of products, graphs, links to websites, and more, and posts are organized by topic, so that browsers can see all the posts related to issues of interest -- everything from objectification to race and ethnicity to health to consumption to violence.

I was amazed at some of the images here! A great tool to spark discussion.

~ Marsha, Web Content/Community Manager
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