Teaching About Hurricane Sandy & Other Disasters

Cars in flood from Hurricane Sandy
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Disasters tend to get a lot of coverage before, during, and immediately after the event, but rarely does any significant mainstream media exploration dive deeper into the broader impacts on people, animals, and the earth. And if predictions are accurate, we're only going to see an increase in the frequency and severity of storms such as Sandy.

A group of social justice educators have created a wiki with resources to help educators explore some of the broader issues related to Sandy and similar storms.

Currently the wiki is organized into 4 general categories:
  1. Address the socio-emotional needs of students in the aftermath.
  2. Discuss the broader social (in)justice issues revealed by the hurricane.
  3. Find opportunities to get support or give support.
  4. Make links to environmental justice issues.
Since this is a wiki, anyone can add relevant resources.

A couple years ago we at IHE also explored the greater impacts and injustices to people, animals, and the planet, that often remain part of the fallout during and after disasters. Check out our blog post for additional discussion ideas.

~ Marsha

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