Humane Issues in the News

Each week we round-up the news you need to know about humane issues, from human rights and environmental preservation, to animal protection, to media and culture, to activism, education, and changemaking.

In 5 U.S. states, hunting of wolves is coming back (via Mother Jones) (10/1/12)

"How the mafia is destroying the rainforests" (via New Scientist) (10/1/12)

"Misconduct widespread in retracted science papers, study finds" (via NY Times) (10/1/12)

Elephants die by thousands for religious symbols (via National Geographic) (October 2012)

"Child farm labor in Oregon and the U.S.: big dangers, little change" (via The Oregonian) (9/28/12)

"Forward to Nature: The new nature movement isn't about going back to nature but forward to a nature-rich civilization" (commentary) (via Children & Nature Network) (9/28/12)

Students use GIS tools to help address real-world issues (via Smart Blogs) (9/27/12)

Project helps prisoners & planet (via NY Times) (9/27/12)

Activists awarded "alternative Nobels" (via Common Dreams) (9/27/12)

Report says "agriculture causes 80% of tropical deforestation" (via Mongabay) (9/27/12)

New study estimates 100 million dead, trillions lost by 2030 due to climate change (via Common Dreams) (9/26/12)

"Why we should teach empathy to improve education (and test scores)" (commentary) (via Forbes) (9/26/12)

Study shows students of color disproportionately and more harshly punished (via Chicago Tribune) (9/26/12)

"Slavery still exists": a photo essay (via The Atlantic) (9/26/12)

"Peruvian innovators try to save disappearing glaciers" (via PRI) (9/26/12)

Study says "dust bunnies" are full of toxins (via Treehugger) (9/26/12)

Amazon launches "eco-friendly" shopping site (via Treehugger) (9/26/12)

Haiti bans plastic bags, foam containers (via Miami Herald) (9/24/12)

Cincinnati program helps support students from "cradle-to-career" (via MSNBC) (9/23/12)

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