Artist Robert Shetterly Unveils Newest American Who Tells the Truth: Zoe Weil

On Saturday, October 27, artist Robert Shetterly unveiled the newest portrait in his "Americans Who Tell the Truth" series, featuring IHE president, Zoe Weil. Zoe also spoke about education in the U.S. and the need to embrace a larger purpose for schooling.

Like all the portraits in his series, a quote from the portrait’s subject is etched into the painting. Zoe's quote reads:

“Education is the root system underlying all other systems. Given the grave and potentially catastrophic problems we face, it is critical that we provide young people with the knowledge, tools, and motivation to address our pressing challenges in order to transform unsustainable and unjust systems into ones that are humane, healthy, and peaceful.”

Zoe says of the portrait, “This is the greatest honor I’ve ever received, and one that I hope to live up to. Rob’s inclusion of me in the series will help bring attention to the idea that education is the root of systemic change. Rob’s whole portrait series itself serves as a model for humane education.”

Robert Shetterly has been painting the Americans Who Tell the Truth portrait series since 2001. The paintings have been traveling since 2003 and are being used in classrooms around the country to provide students with the opportunity to better understand their heritage, embrace their roles as citizens in a democracy, and, ultimately, inspire their futures. The portrait subjects are people Shetterly believes are exemplary American citizens (both historical and contemporary) and include such Americans as Abraham Lincoln, Harriett Tubman, Rachel Carson, Terry Tempest Williams, and Martin Luther King Jr., all of whom have inspired courage to act for the common good.

Here are a couple more photos from the event:

IHE president, Zoe Weil, welcomes artist Robert Shetterly.

Artist Robert Shetterly talks about Zoe Weil, his newest
addition to his Americans Who Tell the Truth series, and
highlights other education changemakers he has painted.

A Zoe and Robert hug!

IHE president, Zoe Weil, talks about what we must
do to transform education and create a just
and humane world for all.

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