The World Doesn't Owe Us a Thing: On Not Complaining

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I admit it. I complain. A lot. It helps me cope. I complain, and then I move on. Because I try to model my message for others, I usually do it in private. Sometimes my husband and I do it as entertainment -- as a way of releasing a little of the tensions of the day. It feels pretty harmless.

My awareness of my complaining ebbs and flows, but it flared up front and center after I read this terrific essay our friends at the ToDo Institute posted by Brother David Steind-Rast on not complaining. Here's the whack between the eyes part:
"It’s the little me against the rest of the world. And the little me sees itself as entitled to something. The world owes me something. But really, what on earth does the world owe you when it comes down to it? Absolutely nothing. Everything is given to you. Even the fact that you are here is a gift. You didn’t bring yourself here, you didn’t buy this life. How did you get here? It’s all a gift. 

Then you turn around, separate yourself from the rest of the world and make claims – it’s amazing. This separation, this complaining is a blockage of my freedom to avail myself of the opportunity that this present moment gives me."

Read the complete essay.

So, not so harmless after all. It's a great reminder about the power our unconscious habits have over us and over the way we view and live in the world. Time for me to bring more attention to not complaining and to finding the opportunity in each moment.

~ Marsha

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