IHE Launches New Humane Education Program in Hong Kong

A recent news feature about the Fluffy Love program.
Inspired by what she learned at IHE's student residency in 2010, IHE graduate student, Rosana Ng, founded her own humane education program in Hong Kong. Fluffy Love Learning Club, which uses the platform of humane education to teach young schoolchildren English, has garnered a lot of media attention.

Now Rosana has become IHE's official Hong Kong Director. Her first official project is a collaboration between Animal Asia Foundation, HEART, and IHE to conduct teacher training in Hong Kong. She will lead workshops and use IHE's online courses and resources, as well as HEARTs materials, to provide training and raise awareness, so that humane education can grow in Hong Kong.

Rosana said, "I am extremely excited about being IHE's Hong Kong Director as I now have the opportunity to introduce humane education to the 7.8 million people in Hong Kong!"

Rosana described some of the challenges and possibilities in bringing humane education to Hong Kong students:

"Most Hong Kong schools still teach by indoctrination, and due to the highly competitive environment, students have to spend an enormous amount of effort on school work in order to achieve high marks.  Humane education will be a new approach for most students. Bringing real world issues into the classroom, exploring issues together, encouraging students to seek accurate information and ask questions is the kind of revolutionary teaching method we need for students to acquire the critical thinking skills required to become a generation of changemakers.

"We also live in a concrete jungle and nature is unfamiliar to us. I was a classic product of this environment until I discovered humane education. We need to open our students' mindset to see the interconnectedness of the world so that they can become citizens of the world. I am thrilled to be the agent of change and provide this opportunity to our students."

 In this photo: Rosana Ng (center) with Jasmine Nunn, Education Director, and Dave Naele, Executive Director, Animal Asia Foundation

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