Humane Issues in the News

Each week we round-up the news you need to know about humane issues, from human rights and environmental preservation, to animal protection, to media and culture, to activism, education, and changemaking.

Why aren't Millenials buying more cars & houses and what does it mean for the future? (via The Atlantic) (September 2012)

"Bike schools turn kids into future urban cyclists in Brazil" (via Treehugger) (9/4/12)

Studies show there are ways for humans and carnivores to live together (via NY Times) (9/4/12)

"Elephants dying in epic frenzy as ivory fuels wars and profits" (via NY Times) (9/3/12)

Phased ban on incandescent bulbs in EU goes into effect (via Guardian) (8/31/12)

"13-year-old fights big plastic bill" (via Sierra) (8/31/12)

Reports of Yanomami village massacre by illegal gold miners (via Guardian) (8/29/12) 

"White House sets fuel economy target of 54.5 MPG by 2025" (via Treehugger) (8/28/12)

"Ex-N.C. turkey farm worker pleads guilty to animal cruelty" (via USA Today) (8/28/12)

Report shows possibilities for human-animal cooperation with study on cashew crop (via HumaneSpot) (8/24/12)

Report: "federal loophole allows lower spending on students of color" (via Center for American Progress) (8/22/12)

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