Humane Issues in the News

Each week we round-up the news you need to know about humane issues, from human rights and environmental preservation, to animal protection, to media and culture, to activism, education, and changemaking.

President Obama issues executive order strengthening protections against human trafficking (via White (9/25/12)

Why do we cling to outdated ways of looking at the world? (commentary) (via (9/25/12)

"Foxconn factory riot blamed on iPhone 5 rush" (via Information Week) (9/25/12)

Shell sues to stop protesters (via Common Dreams) (9/21/12)

Mass protests in Quebec lead to victory for students (via Common Dreams) (9/21/12)

Why is there so much arsenic in U.S.-grown rice? (via Mother Jones) (9/19/12)

"Report indicates significant re-segregation of public schools" (via Education Week) (9/19/12)

"'Show me your papers' law takes effect in Arizona" (via Common Dreams) (9/19/12)

Young girl "makes a stand" selling lemonade to raise money to free slaves (via Good News Network) (9/15/12)

Turning a school into a community center (via NPR) (9/13/12)

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