Considering the Ethics of Fishing

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For my blog post today, I’m sharing a recent essay I wrote for, an online community for people passionate about creating a better world. Here’s an excerpt from "Considering the Ethics of Fishing":
"Reading the August issue of The Sun magazine, I was struck by a section of the essay 'Pioneers' by John Frank about fishing. Frank writes:

'I caught an ugly junk fish of some kind. It had giant, gold-rimmed eyes and a sharp dorsal fin that nicked the soft flesh of my hand. I tossed it back.'

And two paragraphs later: 'Once, in junior high, I’d caught an odd-looking fish with large scales and taken it home to show my father in hopes he could identify it. I wanted greatly for him to be the kind of father who’d flip open a book and point to a picture of the fish and give it a name. But I found him asleep on the couch, the sun hitting the coffee table by his feet. So I went outside and threw the fish as far as I could into the woods.'

Frank may be writing about his past, but in the present, he isn’t compelled to consider the morality of his behavior. And my experience with people who fish recreationally is that, like Frank, the ethics of fishing rarely arise in their minds."

Read the complete essay.

~ Zoe

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