Humane Issues in the News

Each week we round-up the news you need to know about humane issues, from human rights and environmental preservation, to animal protection, to media and culture, to activism, education, and changemaking.

Growing evidence shows urban farms reduce violence, build community (via Mother Jones) (July/August 2012)

"The new misogyny: what it means for teachers and classrooms" (commentary) (via Alternet) (7/23/12)
"Frackers fund university research that 'proves' their case" (via Bloomberg News) (7/23/12)

"Will the Farm Bill nullify laws against animal cruelty?" (commentary) (Huffington Post) (7/21/12)

"There's still hope for the planet" (commentary) (via NY Times) (7/21/12)

Undercover video shows egregious abuse at pig farm supplying "pork" to Walmart stores (via Daily Mail) (7/20/12)

"A new model for green schools" (via Atlantic) (7/20/12)

"Global warming's terrifying new math" (via Rolling Stone) (7/19/12)

Young Mountain Gorillas work to dismantle poachers' traps (via National Geographic) (7/19/12)

"The endless summer" (commentary) (via NY Times) (7/18/12)

"Parents need to act against climate change for their kids' sake" (commentary) (via Daily Beast) (7/18/12) 

"Extended producer responsibility would require  manufacturers to collect and recycle packaging" (via GOOD) (7/18/12)

"How America became a country that lets little kids go homeless" (via Alternet) (7/16/12)

Americans need more civic education (commentary) (via Journal Gazette) (7/15/12)

Aqua Squad middle schoolers, learn, teach, take action for water conservation (via San Angelo Standard-Times) (7/15/12)

Teen recycles cooking grease into heating oil for needy families (via Good News Network) (7/15/12)

San Francisco bay ships to be rerouted to help protect whales (via AP) (7/15/12)

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