Get a Graduate Degree in Creating a Better World with Our Programs in Humane Education

The deadline for the fall semester for our graduate programs is nearing (August 1 for M.Ed.; August 15 for M.A.). If you are looking to combine your passion and skills and turn them into positive action for people, animals, and the earth we invite you to apply now.

The programs focus on changemaking and deeply examine root problems and emphasize the interconnectedness between human rights, animal protection, and environmental sustainability. We asked some of our students and graduates what they'd like to tell others about IHE's graduate programs:

"Enrolling as a graduate student at IHE will give you a set of tools and a series of lenses to view the world that you simply cannot get in any other program."
~ Christopher Greenslate, M.Ed. graduate, teacher, education doctoral student

"The graduate program is as much a personal journey of discovery and growth as it is an academic pursuit. This program is highly meaningful, rich, and full of opportunity. The program design, faculty, and peers gracefully and effectively overcome any tendencies of an online program to be dull, simplified, or lacking in community and support. In addition, this unique opportunity to work with others from around the globe adds even more depth and perspective within the experience. IHE's graduate program is a gem to be discovered!"
~ Cassandra Scheffman, M.Ed. student, environmental educator

"Do it! The curriculum is carefully designed and delivered, the support and mentorship are outstanding, and the benefits are undeniable. You won't regret launching a relationship with IHE!"
~ Kurt Schmidt, M.Ed. graduate, university faculty and math educator

"When looking for educational programs to attend, I always longed for one that would not only educate me, but would make a impact on my life and help shape who I am. The program at IHE not only helped me to grow professionally, but it made significant positive changes in my life.  If you are looking for program that will educate you and help you to become a more compassionate, aware citizen, IHE’s grad program is for you!"
~ Karen Patterson, M.Ed. graduate, Humane Education Director, Humane Society of Huron Valley

“I feel like this graduate program was designed with me in mind. The content is relevant and timely and from day one I was able to find things that I could bring directly into my classroom, either as activities or lessons or other things that helped shift my attitudes and look at students and the classroom differently. Not only is the program taking me long-term to where I want to be in my career, it has changed me as a teacher, from the very first day.“
~ Rebecca Brockman,  M.A. student, classroom teacher

"It's fantastic. I was an activist waiting for this study and degree. Whether it's the earth, animals or people, this is the program that's going to get you jump started to your next great adventure."
~ Enid Breakstone, M.Ed. student, founder, Queenie Foundation

Find out more and apply now.

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