One Small Step for a Better World: Contact Your Elected Officials

Right now there's no brighter example of the power of speaking out than what's happening around the world with the Occupy movement. Even in our busy daily lives we can tap into the power of our own voices and influence positive change by regularly contacting our elected officials.  As IHE's president, Zoe Weil, says in her book, Most Good, Least Harm: "People sometimes doubt that their one voice matters very much, yet legislators will form a committee to examine an issue after receiving as few as ten letters on a subject."

Our elected leaders don't know our views unless we share them, so it's essential that we let our voices be heard -- frequently. As Zoe says, "It's so easy to feel disenfranchized from politics. ... But without our voices demanding accountability, honesty, and commitment to the future, we will not succeed in creating real change."

We can contact our elected officials to share our views on a particular issue; to lobby for passage (or failure) of a bill; to compliment or thank them for something they've done; and even to help educate them about an issue (we should never assume that they know what we know or that they are well-informed about an issue just because they're in a position of authority).

The important thing is that they hear from us and get to know us as compassionate, informed solutionaries who embrace the responsibility of our citizenship and who work to advance laws and policies that do the most good and least harm for all.

(If you live in the U.S., you can find the email and phone contact information for your senators and representatives.)

~ Marsha

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