Young Eco-Heroes: 2011 Brower Youth Award Winners

You don't have to look any farther than your own community to find youth engaged in inspiring and effective campaigns and projects to help create a better world. And more organizations are starting to recognize and reward the terrific work that young people are doing. Each year the Brower Youth Awards honor young people, ages 13 to 22, "living in North America who have shown outstanding leadership on a project or campaign with positive environmental and social impact."

Winners of this national award receive a $3,000 cash prize, and a trip to San Francisco to attend the awards ceremony and to "participate in a week of speaking engagements, trainings, and environmental conferences leading up to the ceremony."

Here are the 2011 winners:

Victor Davila, 17, created EcoRyers, a series of summer workshops that combine health, environmental issues, and skateboarding.

Alexander Epstein, 20, has co-founded two community organizing groups for youth, including The Philadelphia Urban Creators, which builds relationships with Philly communities to help them develop equitably and sustainably.

Tania Pulido, 21, is a passionate & effective community organizer who has created a community garden that caters to youth, and is involved in several issues that impact her community.

Kyle Thiermann, 21, has created a video series, Surfing for Change, which has inspired others to make small changes in their daily actions for a better world.

Rhiannon Tomtishen and Madison Vorva, 15 & 16, we've reported on before. They started a campaign to get the Girl Scouts to replace palm oil (where commercial plantations are destructive to animals, people & the planet) for a more eco-friendly alternative.

Junior Walk, 21, travels around the U.S., educating others and campaigning regarding the environmental, health, and community impacts of coal mining.

 ~ Marsha

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