Top 10 Reasons to Support Humane Education

The Institute for Humane Education (IHE) is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a “Crystal Ball” at the JivamukTea Café on October 30. Delicious vegan food, a fab silent auction, great crowd, IHE’s president, Zoe Weil giving an inspiring talk, and you get to support perhaps the most effective strategy for creating change: humane education.

Why is humane education so important?

  1. Humane Ed is the preventive approach to creating a humane world. Why put out fires when you can prevent them?
  2. Humane Ed gives students the knowledge and tools to be SOLUTIONARIES.
  3. Humane Ed links human rights, animal protection, and environmental preservation; i.e., it addresses everything!
  4. Humane Ed is fun and engaging. Students LOVE it.
  5. Humane Ed is relevant education for the future our kids will face and shape.
  6. Humane Ed is empowering. Students become changemakers.
  7. Humane Ed invites kids to use their head, hands, and heart for a better world.
  8. Without Humane Ed our graduates will likely perpetuate problems instead of solve them.
  9. Without Humane Ed our kids may not realize the role they can and must play in creating a better world.
  10. As one 11th grader said when getting a brief taste of Humane Ed: “We should have been learning this since Kindergarten!”
Image courtesy of tracitodd via Creative Commons.  

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