The Power of One: Mom Takes on U.S. Food Supply

"Maybe one person really can make a difference." That's what Robyn O'Brien learns when she decides she has to take action after learning more about what's in the U.S. food supply. In this TEDx talk, Robyn discusses how she didn't pay attention to food until one of her children developed food allergies. When she decided to learn more about why rates of food allergies and cancers and other health ailments have skyrocketed, she set herself on a journey of discovery about chemicals, synthetic proteins, subsidies, and other obstacles to healthier, safer foods. Watch her talk:

As Robyn says, "Each and every single one of us has something that we are uniquely good at. And when you leverage that with something that you are passionate about, it can serve as a rocket fuel to create extraordinary change." Robyn serves as an inspiring example of how one person can make a positive difference.

~ Marsha

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