New Teacher Book Helps Educators Survive & Thrive Those First Years

My first year of teaching was one of the most traumatic years of my life, but the recently-updated The New Teacher Book, edited by Terry Burant and others from , made me want to jump back into those school halls with renewed enthusiasm and commitment. The New Teacher Book offers no easy answers and few tips lists; rather, it provides an abundance of wisdom, ideas and insight for not only surviving, but thriving in those first critical years of teaching. The essays from new and experienced teachers offer important guidance, sharing both stories of success and failure. There are plenty of specific strategies and ideas, and one of my favorite elements of the book are the Q/A’s that offer helpful advice that every teacher needs to consider, such as “What do I do when I realize I’ve made a mistake with a child?”

The book covers topics such as creating a classroom community; curriculum and testing; discipline; and teacher activism, all through the social justice lens. While not every essay is worth reading word-for-word, and while some are more relevant than others, the book as a whole offers essential insights and asks important questions about the purpose of education and the role of teachers in nurturing, teaching, and empowering students.

A must-read for beginning and experienced teachers both.

~ Marsha

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