Humane Issues in the News...

Each week we post links to news about humane education & humane living, and items connected to humane issues, from human rights to environmental preservation, to animal protection, to media, consumerism and culture.

Women of Saudi Arabia granted right to vote (via NY Times) (9/25/11)

Controversy rises over mass deaths of factory farmed animals due to weather, other problems (via Kansas City Star) (9/25/11)

Barcelona holds last bullfight (via Treehugger) (9/25/11)

"Is junk food really cheaper?" (commentary) (via NYTimes) (9/24/11)

"Little girls or little women? The Disney princess effect" (via Christian Science Monitor) (9/24/11)

Report says U.S. spending billions to subsidize junk food (via LA Times) (9/22/11)

Experts say kids need more play (U.S. News & World Report) (9/21/11)

MD school ditches "regular homework" for new strategies (via Washington Post) (9/20/11)

Former trainer says killer whale captivity causes attacks (via Wired) (9/20/11)

Patagonia asks customers to reduce consumption & help promote reuse of their products (via GoodNewsNetwork) (9/16/11)

Schools look at teaching character (via NY Times) (9/14/11)

California passes state bill on Congo conflict minerals (via (9/13/11)

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