Humane Educators' Toolbox: Weathering Change

While many Americans are still struggling with whether they believe in human-caused climate change, let alone with taking positive action, people in the developing world -- especially women -- are feeling the effects in their daily lives. Population Action International has recently released a short film (about 13 minutes) that highlights the impact of global climate change on women and children in developing countries. Watch the film here:

Population and global climate change are two profound and immediate challenges that everyone must address. Toward the end of October we'll see 7 billion people on the planet, with that number projected to grow by another billion in less than 15 years. And there's significant irony in the fact that many people in Western countries, who are responsible for so much of the increase in global climate change, point fingers of blame at those in the developing countries (who are most significantly affected by global warming) for having more children. These issues offer a rich and meaningful source for exploring important issues with older students, and this film serves as both a useful backdrop for sparking discussion, as well as a tool for increasing awareness about these interconnected issues with changemakers, policymakers and concerned citizens.

~ Marsha

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