Must-See Documentary: Lessons From the Real World

A day doesn't go by without some news story or commentary reporting on what's wrong with our schools in the U.S. and offering a piecemeal plan for how to "fix" things. While the fingers of blame are wildly pointing here and there, schools around the country are busy connecting students with real-life, relevant learning that actively engages them in their communities and the world around them. Recently I saw the documentary Lessons From the Real World, which highlights several schools in the Portland, Oregon, area that have created transformative learning environments that teach students the "basics" by exploring issues they care about.

In the film, created by Bob Gliner, we saw elementary through college-age students passionately engaged in learning while exploring democracy, their community, environmental issues, business creation, how to solve real-world problems, and more. This is definitely humane education in action!

Watch the trailer for the film here:

If you want to purchase a copy, do so soon, as the price ($24.95) will be increasing significantly, once the new distributor takes over.

This is an inspiring, thought-provoking film that is a must-see for educators, parents, and policy makers.

~ Marsha

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