It's Time to Connect Your Beliefs With Your Actions

You want your life to reflect what truly matters to you, but in the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day and the pressures of culture to conform to a work-buy lifestyle, it's challenging to step out of that rut and forge your own, authentic life. We at IHE can help you connect your deepest beliefs and values with your actions. This fall is a great time to sign up for one of our upcoming programs:

Graduate Programs in Humane Education

IHE's new and expanded graduate programs provide in-depth training in comprehensive humane education, helping educators, activists, and others gain the skills and strategies to teach others about the interconnected issues of human rights, environmental preservation, animal protection, and media, culture & consumerism, and to empower them to become solutionaries for a better world. The programs include:
  • a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Humane Education;
  • a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Humane Education;
  • an M.Ed. in Instructional Leadership, with a Concentration in Humane Education;
  • an M.A. in Liberal Studies, with a Concentration in Humane Education;
  • a credit-bearing Graduate Certificate in Humane Education (which can be either stand-alone or added to an existing degree).

Find out more about our Graduate Programs.

Online Courses

Our online courses offer powerful, transformative learning for educators, activists and concerned citizens seeking the tools, knowledge and motivation to align their actions with their deepest values and to become more effective leaders in creating a just, compassionate, healthy world for all.

IHE's online format allows our classes to be innovative and interactive in the use of communications technology, enables people across the globe to participate, keeps our programs affordable, provides a flexible learning environment, and quickly builds a powerful, cohesive community of learners.

Our Fall 2011 sessions:

Rounded autumn leavesA Better World, A Meaningful Life
A month-long online course for people who want to put their vision for a better world & a more joyful, examined life into practice.

September 2-30, 2011

October 3-28, 2011

November 4- December 2, 2011

4 happy, smiling kidsRaising a Humane Child
A six-week online course for parents who want to raise compassionate, caring, conscientious children in a humane, healthy, sustainable world.

September 12 - October 21

November 7 - December 16

Woman helping girl hold plant in her handsTeaching for a Positive Future
A six-week online course for educators who want to inspire their students to become leaders and changemakers for a healthy, peaceful, and sustainable world.

October 17-November 25, 2011

Find out more about our Online Courses.

Remember that we also have a dynamic, always-growing Resource Center, with suggested humane education activities, books, videos, links, and more!

~ Marsha

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