Humane Educators' Toolbox: First World Problems Rap

Thanks to the folks at Sociological Images, we learned about this funny, clever, and relevant short video, created by Zach Katz, a talented young man who makes parodies, rap songs & skits. "The First World Problems Rap" highlights the "challenges" (especially for youth) of living in the "first" world, from a fridge that's overly-full, to running out of hot water after a half-hour shower, to "my laptop's battery is low, but the charger's over there" to "my cleaning lady's vacuuming, I can't hear anything." Watch the video:

What a gem for exploring issues of culture and consumerism with young people! This is a great conversation starter about wants and needs, the true price of our stuff, economic disparity, marketing and advertising, and language use, as well as a great example of what youth can do to bring attention to important issues. Enjoy!

~ Marsha

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