Why We Need Humane Education: It Is Vitally Important to Make Connections

"Caution: It is vitally important NOT to make connections." That's how Bill McKibben's recent op-ed in the Washington Post and how this video begin. Watch the video (about 4 min):

Humane education is all about making connections, so this video that puts images and video to McKibben's words is a powerful and useful springboard for exploring connections between climate change and severe weather/disasters; between our choices and their impacts on people, animals and the earth; between what and how the media portrays issues and events and what and how they leave things out; between environmental reality and politics; between what we're told is possible and what's really possible; between what's being done and what needs to be done, and more. It's a great opportunity, also, to examine the credibility and accuracy of what McKibben asserts.

The video is also great opportunity for encouraging critical and creative thinking, for exploring framing and bias, for promoting problem solving and solutions to systemic problems, for examining strategies for helping people embrace choices and ways of living that nurture and support a compassionate, just, sustainable world.

~ Marsha

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