MOGO Mini-Tip: Refrain From Putting Plastic Produce Labels Down the Drain

Our friend, Beth Terry, at My Plastic-free Life, brings our attention to a tiny but mighty problem: those little plastic fruit & veggie labels stuck to our produce at the grocery store. According to a recent post, she discovered that her local utility district was alerting people to the pesky problem of stickers down the drain. As they say:
They can end up in a variety of places – stuck in your drain, or stuck on wastewater treatment plant pumps and hoses, or caught in screens and filters. Even worse, they can end up in San Francisco Bay. Some plastics neither float nor sink, making it difficult to remove them in any wastewater treatment process. Unfortunately, they can end up where no one wants them – in the bay and the ocean.
Of course, you may not live by the ocean, but the general principle holds true: they're little trouble-makers.

The top suggestion if you can't avoid them (Beth suggests CSAs, farmers' markets and growing your own) seems to be to throw them away (attempts to compost them have reportedly failed). But in a different post, Beth also notes that some people actually collect them and use them in art projects.

Read the full post.

Got a MOGO Mini-Tip (focused on doing the most good & least harm for people, animals & the planet) for us? Let us know.

~ Marsha

Image courtesy of groovehouse via Creative Commons.

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