Humane Issues in the News...

Each week we post links to news about humane education & humane living, and items connected to humane issues, from human rights to environmental preservation, to animal protection, to media, consumerism and culture.

Restaurant's "pay-what-you-want model" is a success (via GOOD) (6/14/11)

Interest in animal protection grows in China (via Zoe) (6/14/11)

"When food kills" (commentary) (via NY Times) (6/11/11)

"Boys will be boys? Not in these families" (via NY Times) (6/10/11)

New Alabama anti-immigration law toughest in U.S. (via PBS Newshour) (6/10/11)

"E. Coli: Don't blame the sprouts!" (commentary) (via NY Times) (6/7/11)

"Is the U.S. doing teacher reform all wrong?" (commentary) (via Washington Post) (5/31/11)

Japanese elders volunteer to risk their lives for nuclear crisis (via BBC) (5/31/11)

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