Humane Issues in the News...

Each week we post links to news about humane education & humane living, and items connected to humane issues, from human rights to environmental preservation, to animal protection, to media, consumerism and culture.

Survey says majority of Americans now believe addressing global warming is important (via Treehugger) (6/20/11)

"Supreme Court throws out back-door bid to curb global warming" (via Christian Science Monitor) (6/20/11)

Economic troubles, rising food prices spark increase in gardening (via Washington Post) (6/20/11)

Supreme Court blocks gender discrimination lawsuit against Wal-mart (via Washington Post) (6/20/11)

"10-year-old girl fights to save a mountain" (via Treehugger) (6/19/11)

Oregon legislature wants schools to test no more than needed (via The Oregonian) (6/17/11)

"Planting seeds of hope: how sustainable activism transformed Detroit" (via YES!) (6/16/11)

Is hyper-sexualized society setting kids up for failure? (via Vancouver Sun) (6/16/11)

"North Carolina confronts the ugly past of its eugenics law" (via Colorlines) (6/15/11)

"This is your brain on ads" (via NPR) (6/14/11)

"Nepal clears last landmine" (via The Guardian) (6/14/11)

More evidence shows some animals mourn (via (6/14/11)

EPA releases names of 150 chemicals whose names were previously withheld as "confidential" (via NY Times) (6/13/11)

Australia bans live export of cattle to Indonesia for six months (via BBC) (6/8/11)

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