Don't Worry, Be Happy (No, Really, You Can Be Happy )

It says right there in the Declaration of Independence that we have the inalienable right to pursue happiness. So why are so many of us unhappy? We're told that stuff and money and prestige and power will make us happy, so we pursue them vigorously and voraciously, only to discover that, to paraphrase the old adage, we can't buy happiness. In fact, people with less stuff -- people in "third world" countries -- tend to be happier than Westerners. So what's up?

Two films of note that address issues of happiness have been released fairly recently.

Filmmaker Roko Belic has just released Happy, which explores human happiness through a scientific lens, as well as through the stories of people from around the world. As Belic journeys across the world in search of what makes people happy, those he talks to reveal some startling and heartening insights. See a clip here:

By now more of us are learning that stuff doesn't make us as happy as we've been taught, but our culture is so mired in destructive systems build on waste and spending that it can be challenging and disheartening to see a way out. The Economics of Happiness highlights the successes of "human-scale" ways of living, based on economies and other systems that are local. Experts and changemakers from around the world share practical ideas and inspiring stories for reclaiming our communities, and thus recapturing what truly makes us happy. See a clip here:

~ Marsha

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