5 Ways IHE's Summer Institute Can Change Your Life

Virtually all our students tell us that their experiences in our humane education programs have been the most transformative and meaningful of their lives - and that the capstone is Summer Institute, that one week of intensive, dynamic learning, connecting, and reveling in the principles and practices of humane education with others passionate about creating a better world for all. So we wanted to share some of the ways our students have told us Summer Institute can change your life. Summer Institute:
  1. helps you cultivate a deeper, sharper lens for engaging with the world and bringing important issues into your learning and teaching, and provides you with practical experience for doing so;
  2. offers you the wisdom and experience of caring, supportive pioneers in the field of humane education;
  3. nurtures deep connections with other educators with whom you can share ideas, gain new insights, and learn new strategies;
  4. encourages you to deeply question the very purpose of education, and your role as a leader and changemaker, in a safe and stimulating environment and helps you emerge with a clearer purpose and plan of action;
  5. helps you reconnect with the natural world and gives you an opportunity to reflect, process, and breathe, things we often don't allow ourselves time for.
If you'd like to experience a rejuvenating and transformative week full of creativity, optimism, challenge, growth, fun, and expanded horizons, we invite you to sign up now for our Summer Institute (June 27-July 1). Only a few spots remain.

~ Marsha

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