Searching for Solutionaries at Green Festival Seattle

IHE's president and co-founder, Zoe Weil, and Marsha Rakestraw, Director of Online Communications and Education Resources both traveled to the Green Festival in Seattle last weekend. Zoe was a speaker on the main stage, and both spent a lot of time at IHE's booth engaging with people about the power of humane education to create a just, compassionate world. Marsha took a few pics from the weekend.

IHE M.Ed. graduate and eco-lifestyle coach, Gina Diamond, was one of our enthusiastic volunteers, spreading the good word about IHE and humane education.

Zoe, Marsha and our volunteers talked to hundreds of people throughout the festival, from teachers and parents to concerned citizens and activists. We're so grateful to our students and graduates who took time to staff our booth and support IHE.

Thanks to Carolin Behrend, Gina Diamond, Nadia Erdolen and her partner, Bob, and Samantha Sherman.

Zoe spoke at 4 pm on the main stage, in front of an enthusiastic crowd, about the power of education to change the world, and how each of us can become solutionaries and educators.

During her presentation, Zoe talked about how omni-present marketing and advertising are in our lives, and the plethora of "stuff" that gets in our heads without our consent. The audience was able to name all these brands, just from their first letters.

Zoe emphasized in her talk that we can all be solutionaries and educators through whatever careers or venues we choose, from teachers, artists and journalists, to health care providers, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

Zoe and Marsha were able to listen to Ohio Congressional Representative Dennis Kucinich, who spoke to a full house about the importance of reconnecting with and restoring our relationship with the natural world and taking responsibility for becoming changemakers.

The Green Festival also featured hundreds of exhibitors. Local volunteers from the Seattle area staffed a booth for the Humane Society of the U.S. to collect signatures for ballot initiative 1130, which would phase out the use of battery cages in Washington state.

We don't know what organization or business this giant polar bear was with, but she was a popular attraction, especially with the kids.

In addition to dozens of non-profit and community groups, Green Fest Seattle included a variety of businesses working to bring green products and services to people who want them, such as these paper products made from, yup, elephant dung.

That's all the Green Festivals for this spring, but there are more scheduled for this fall in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. We'll keep you posted about where we'll be.

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