Humane Educator's Toolbox: New Sample Master's Theses from IHE Students

All our Master's students have to complete a thesis project in order to graduate. The thesis represents not only the culmination of the student’s studies, but also a creative contribution to the field of humane education. The topic must be professionally and socially relevant, challenging, and appropriate for the student’s vision. In the project the student demonstrates the ability to integrate theory, research skills, academic course work, and professional experience and goals.

We post samples of our students' theses and other works on our website, and we recently added a few new ones. Enjoy!

Teaching for Transformation: A Handbook for Adult Educators

by Sherry Gilkin

This project offers an understanding of how adults learn best and information on ways that education can lead to transformation. It uses scholarly and scientific research to develop a handbook to help educators of adult audiences teach effectively and promote positive personal and social change. It can be utilized by persons entering the field of adult education, as well as current educators seeking to enhance their practice. (The handbook begins on page 31 of the pdf file.)

Humane Education and the Bible: Understanding What the Bible Teaches About Animals, the Environment, and Us

by Garth Knox

Can we reconcile the teachings of the Bible with the values of humane education? The author believes that the teachings in the Bible are aligned with the principles of humane education, and that the scriptures are often misunderstood and/or taken out of context. The author's research has been distilled into a handbook for educators of teens and adults and presented in a way that is fresh, hip, and challenging. (The handbook begins on page 52 of the pdf file.)

Mathematics for a Broken, Beautiful World: A Modular Resource Package for Late Secondary and Early Post-Secondary Math Educators

by Kurt Schmidt

This project is an attempt to clarify how and why mathematics really matters in the lives of students. It begins with a framing of the typical disconnection between students’ lives and modern-day school mathematics. It includes an original curricular resource package for mathematics educators who are working at late secondary and early post-secondary levels. This resource package includes materials that have been organized into flexible teaching modules and that are designed to facilitate educators’ (re-)connection of math with contemporary issues of global concern. (The resource package begins on page 32 of the pdf file.)

Traveling with a Broken Compass: Compassion as Our North Star

by Lynne Westmoreland

This project is the basis of a book that will be titled Traveling with a Broken Compass: Compassion as our North Star. The purpose of the book is to help people, especially other humane educators, move out of the apathy and/or despair often associated with long-term activism work involving environmental ethics, animal protection, and human rights concerns. The book will explore some of the ways that ordinary people can claim their power to create positive attitudes, outcomes, and new visions for the peaceful, compassionate, just, and sustainable world that is our future. (The book excerpts begin on page 31 of the pdf file.)

~ Marsha

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