Days of Remembrance: Exploring Genocide

This week is the annual Days of Remembrance a commemoration in the U.S. of the Nazi Holocaust during World War II. One of the required assignments for our students is to connect with someone who has suffered human rights abuses, to learn more about their lives and the challenges they faced, and to reflect on how the students can integrate that new knowledge into their own lives. Last year we posted excerpts from the assignment one of our (now) graduates, Daniella Schmidt, who currently lives in Germany; she talked to a survivor of the Nazi Holocaust for her assignment, and then shared her own reflections. I wanted to post those links again, because it's such a powerful story.

We read about what happened to those millions of people, and we hear "Never again." But that's not true. Genocide has and is happening again and again while much of the world stands by and watches -- some because they don't want to get involved, others because they don't know how to make a difference. Genocide is an important issue to explore with older students, both in historical and current contexts -- especially when we consider our own capacities to relinquish responsibility and engage in evil acts. Here are a couple of resources that may be helpful for humane educators:

What excellent resources do you know about? Help us add to this list.

~ Marsha

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