Humane Issues in the News...

Each week we post links to news about humane education & humane living, and items connected to humane issues, from human rights to environmental preservation, to animal protection, to media, consumerism and culture.

Study shows American teens know less about climate change issues than they're parents (but want to know more) (via Treehugger) (4/18/11)

10,000 students march, rally for action on climate change, BP spill (via Treehugger) (4/18/11)

Study shows suicide attempts by teens more common in "politically conservative areas" (via (4/18/11)

2nd grader leads campaign to support students in post-quake Japan (via (4/17/11)

India's growing "gendercide" (via The Independent) (4/15/11)

Study: antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in 25% of U.S. meat (via Reuters) (4/15/11)

Ads in schools (& on school buses): good moneymaker or harmful to kids? (via NY Times) (4/15/11)

Energy project shows how transparency, feedback help encourage conservation, change behavior (via Treehugger) (4/14/11)

EPA striving for environmental justice across the country (via NY Times) (4/13/11)

Study shows GM crops cause kidney, liver damage to animals (via Treehugger) (4/13/11)

Coalition advocates for spending less on prisons, more on education (via Miller-McCune) (4/13/11)

New study shows 60% of young people support use of torture (via The Daily Beast) (4/12/11)

In unprecedented move, Congress removes an animal (wolves) from the ESA (via NY Times) (4/12/11)

Creating a culture of public transit (via The Atlantic) (4/12/11)

Bolivia set to pass law giving nature "equal rights with humans" (via The Guardian) (4/10/11)

Workers at IKEA factory in U.S. complain of discrimination, unfair working conditions, poor pay (via LA Times) (4/10/11)

Mexican students, Southwest schools struggle to cope with trauma of drug war (via NPR) (4/9/11)

6th grade winners of local science contest turn activists to save sharks, ban shark finning (via OC Register) (4/8/11)

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