Humane Education in Action: The Clean Water Challenge

"All education is environmental education." ~ Jessica Levine, 6th grade science teacher

The science teachers at Eckstein Middle School in Seattle, Washington, know the importance of teaching students about how science affects the world and connecting what students are learning with real life issues. As part of students' scientific investigation of solutions and mixtures, students engage in the Clean Water Challenge. They create a model of polluted water and then spend time in the laboratory discovering how to filter out pollutants and clean the water so that it's drinkable. Students then teach other students about what they learned. Here's a short video about their project (about 5 mins):

Clean Water Challenge Overview from green levine on Vimeo.

In addition to investigating the science behind clean water, students also explore issues of health and equity of access to clean water worldwide; they also talk about positive solutions. A great example of humane education in action. Find out more about the sustainability and science work that teacher Jessica Levine and her students are doing by following her blog.

~ Marsha

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