Beth Terry: New Study Shows Lots of Plastics Leach Chemicals

We frequently see news stories and blog posts about the dangers of BPA and about which plastics are safest. But, as our friend, Beth Terry, My Plastic-free Life blogger, emphasizes in a recent post, "We can’t be sure any plastic is safe as long as we don’t know what chemicals are in the plastic and as long as those chemicals have not been tested."

Her recent post does a terrific job of outlining the findings from a new University of Texas study, which "confirms that hormone-disrupting chemicals leach from almost all plastics, even BPA-free plastics." Here are several of the "points" that Beth has synthesized from the 33-page study:

  • Almost all of the plastic products tested in the study leached Estrogenic Activity (EA) chemicals.
  • Plastic product tests need to expose the product to "the kinds of stressors it will be subjected to in real life" in order to determine whether or not and how much it leaches EA and other chemicals.
  • Just because plastic is made from plants doesn't make it safe.
  • Knowing the type of plastic isn't enough. We need to know what additives the plastic contains.
  • We should be skeptical of new plastics (and old plastics), as some may be worse than what they're designed to replace.
Beth ends her post by reminding us that it's important to stay informed, ask lots of questions, keep an open mind, and remain skeptical.

Read the complete post.

~ Marsha

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