Are You Known for Habits You Want to Be Known For?

Kerri Twigg, IHE M.Ed. graduate, humane educator, playwright, parent, and instructor for one of our online courses, wrote a blog post recently that I wanted to share with you. In her "Button Pusher" post she highlights an encounter with a store clerk, and how she became upset when he labeled her in this way (referring to her daughter's behavior): “Look at that, she’s just like you — pulling out the credit cards and punching buttons.”

Kerri says, "I thought bad things about the shop owner and decided he didn't know what he was talking about....Except that, I think he did."

She continues later: "Think about the actions you do that people see every day. The habits that are consistently indulged that your children, spouse, students, friends, neighbors and co-workers see you do. Are these the habits you want to be known for? What simple changes can you do change that?"

Read the complete post.

How often do others notice habits and behaviors that we wouldn't (and wouldn't want to) attribute to ourselves? How often are we truly modeling the message that we want our lives to convey?

~ Marsha

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