Shop Smarter with The Blue Pages Directory

If you'd like a tool to help you know more about which businesses have better labor and human rights practices or which political parties they contribute to, so that you can make choices more closely aligned with your values, pick up a copy of The Blue Pages, a directory that rates companies based on their political and social practices. The directory is organized into 13 different sectors (from clothing, shoes and accessories to media and entertainment to restaurants to telecommunications and internet), and companies are listed alphabetically within them. Each sector offers an overview, and each company's listing includes any campaign contributions and/or lobby spending, as well as brief information about any positive or negative human rights, labor, social justice or community activities.

Using resources such as The Blue Pages [as well as other sources such as Responsible Shopper, Better World Shopper, Free2Work (brand new & still in beta) and the Good Guide] gives concerned citizens more power to make choices that support humane values.

~ Marsha

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