MOGO Gift-Giving #1

Gift-giving season is upon us. In my next few posts, I’m going to offer MOGO gift-giving tips. I’m hoping this sparks your creativity and turns this gift-giving season into a truly pleasurable experience!

My friend Patty loves when the Christmas tree has lots of presents under it, and I can totally relate. Somehow, a tree with just a few presents makes me sad, even though I reject the consumerist culture that surrounds us and pressures us into buying more unnecessary, unsustainable, inhumane, cruelly-produced stuff.

No matter how much I believe that less is more and that voluntary simplicity is wonderful, I love giving gifts, and when it’s time to fill my son’s and husband’s stockings, I feel horrified if the stocking is less than half full. But my husband really doesn’t want anything, and I know that he opens his gifts hoping that I haven’t bought more stuff. Despite my values, some inner child kicks in and demands that the holidays include the right amount of presents. What’s the MOGO answer?

Here’s my first idea, to be followed in the coming posts by more:

Think about who is on your list and ask yourself: “What does this person enjoy doing or want to learn?” Then consider giving a gift of your time to enable them to do what they love. For example, your son may like attending hockey games, so you can give him tickets for a game. Such gifts don’t have to cost money though. Would your best friend like a manicure? Offer to give one. Do you know how to make a craft and does your mother enjoy learning a new art? Provide a lesson. Does your partner enjoy back rubs? Make a coupon book for weekly massages. Does your neighbor admire your garden and want to learn how to grow vegetables? Offer to help him start one. Perhaps your spouse wants more time to pursue an interest. Could you offer to pick up a chore or two to enable her to have that time? Or maybe your partner wants to learn a new language or how to ballroom dance or practice Aikido. Sign both of you up for classes and learn together.

Stay tuned for more MOGO gift-giving tips.

~ Zoe Weil
Author of Most Good, Least Harm, Above All, Be Kind, and Claude and Medea

Image courtesy of wolfsavard via Creative Commons.

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