Humane Parenting Toolbox: Preventing & Responding to Prejudice

Studies have shown that young children (as early as age 2) demonstrate awareness of racial and other differences at a very young age. Kids also are incredibly curious, look for behaviors to mimic, and can easily develop biases and form judgments minus any critical thought. Many parents want to help their children grow into people who are inclusive, accepting and kind to everyone but often don't know where to start or how deeply to explore the issues with their kids.

Teaching Tolerance has created a useful tool to guide parents who want to raise humane children: Beyond the Golden Rule: A Parent's Guide to Preventing and Responding to Prejudice (pdf). The guidebook is divided into four primary sections: ages 2-5, ages 6-12, ages 13-17, and reflecting upon our own biases. In addition to general, age-appropriate information each section includes an "expert Q&A" as well as "5 tips" specific to each age group. The last section helps parents reflect up their own biases and how those might influence their parenting.

~ Marsha

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