Humane Education Activity: What Price Beauty?

Our obsession with looks and beauty -- especially among women -- is at an all-time high. We search endlessly for the products that will transform our bodies into a more acceptable and desirable form, from the softness of our skin and the smoothness of our legs to the bounciness of our hair and the length and thickness of our eyelashes. Marketers have us mesmerized. A recent news story from Britain reported that the average woman in the UK wears more than 500 chemicals a day. Most of us don't think about the external costs of these products, how they affect the health of our own bodies, other people, animals or the earth. What Price Beauty? invites students (grades 8 and up) to explore the impact of the ingredients in their favorite products on people, animals and the earth, to consider how marketing ties into their product choices, and to look for healthier alternatives.

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Image courtesy of OrangeCounty_Girl via Creative Commons.

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