"100 Heartbeats" Animal Conservation Special on MSNBC November 22

Occasionally, I learn about TV shows that really make me wish I owned a TV again, and "100 Heartbeats" is one of them. MSNBC is planning to air the two-hour special, focused on the plight and promise of endangered animals, on November 22 (8 pm EST).

The special is hosted by Jeff Corwin, who travels around the world -- to seven countries and four continents -- to highlight the devastating destruction and exploitation of endangered animals and their habitats, as well as to feature people and organizations working to protect these fragile animals. As Corwin says, every 20 minutes a species will go extinct, and 20,000 species will be lost this year alone (I'm assuming that's both plant and animal species.) You can see a preview clip and several brief clips from the show here (the brief clips are 1-2 minutes long, & you have to watch a short commercial first for some of them) and a brief interview with Jeff from MotherNatureNetwork.

Even if you don't have a TV, Jeff's experiences have been published in a 100 Heartbeats book, which is already available. I've already put a copy on hold at my local library.

~ Marsha

Thanks to Planetsave for the heads up.

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