Facing History Offers Free Workshop on the International Criminal Court

What recourse do victims of war, genocide and other mass crimes have when their own countries can't -- or won't -- help them? They can hope for justice from the International Criminal Court, an entity that was established in 2002 in order to prosecute mass atrocities. But the ICC, though given an important and necessary task, hasn't been given the support or resources it needs to carry out that task. One description of the ICC's mission says:
"The ICC's job, as a court of 'last resort," is to support and push national judiciaries to investigate and prosecute alleged crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide. Only when a country's justice system proves completely incapable of dealing with such crimes, and only when asked, does the ICC step in directly — and then gingerly. Where international justice conflicts with national sovereignty, the ICC must employ both clarity of purpose and political diplomacy."
Justice on an international scale, and the struggle to end genocide, war and crimes against humanity are important topics in today's classrooms. To help teachers gain resources and skills for teaching about the ICC and global justice, Facing History is offering a free online workshop between December 1 and December 15.

As Facing History says:
"This workshop will use facilitated online activities, video clips, and speaker events, to give educators a chance to explore a variety of ways students can engage with this material and concepts. The workshop will allow interaction of participants with the films' producers, scholars, Facing History staff, and educators from around the globe. Background history, lesson ideas and resources will be shared."
As part of the workshop, Facing History is highlighting The Reckonining: Battle for the International Criminal Court, which is a documentary about the struggles of the ICC, and follows three cases of horrific crimes against humanity. Even if you don't take the course, you can see the video free online through December 31.

Find out more about the workshop

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