Claude and Medea: Mystery, Adventure and Youth Solutionaries

I’ve written six books. I don’t know if authors always have favorites among their books, but I do: Claude and Medea. I try not to shamelessly plug my books in my blog, but Claude and Medea – which won the Moonbeam gold medal for juvenile fiction last year – is languishing. Hardly anyone knows about it; it’s not in bookstores, and its sales are meager. This makes me sad, because when I wrote the first in what I hoped would be a series, I tried to create a great mystery and adventure that kids would love (they do!) and which would also inspire them to want to make a difference in the world.

In the first book, Claude and Medea: The Hellburn Dogs, the 7th grade protagonists solve the mystery of a rash of Manhattan dog thefts (I won’t tell you more, but there’s an evil vivisector, and intrigue and danger in the mix). I’m eager to write the next book, which will be about infiltrating a New York child slave operation in the garment district of Manhattan, but alas, the first needs to start selling better.

If you know of kids between 9-12, I hope you’ll consider sharing Claude and Medea with them. If you don’t want to purchase the book (you can buy it from Lantern Books, IHE,, and, among other places), the entire content can be read on the Lantern Books blog.

And if you like the book, please spread the word about it.


~ Zoe Weil

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